The goal of the West Virginia Golf Association is to ensure that all WVGA tournaments and events are pleasurable and rewarding for all participants, spectators, club staff and volunteers who assist in organizing the events. In keeping with the tradition and spirit of the game of golf, the West Virginia Golf Association requires all participants at its events to adhere to the West Virginia Golf Association Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a policy that players are expected to follow while participating in our Tournaments and events.

The Code of Conduct requires that, while participating in WVGA tournaments or events, all players must:

Strictly adhere to the USGA Rules of Golf and local rules; Adhere to the Dress Code Policy during practice and competitive rounds; Provide true and complete information on all entry forms and applications; Report to the appropriate tee prior to the player’s starting time or notify a WVGA staff member one (1) hour prior to the player’s starting time if the player is unable to participate in the tournament; Return a scorecard at the end of the player’s competitive round; Be respectful and courteous to all people including volunteers, spectators, tournament officials, the host course and staff, and fellow golfers; Refrain from using abusive or profane language; Refrain from being argumentative or uncooperative with tournament officials; Refrain from displaying bad behavior, extreme behavior, extreme rudeness, ridicule or intimidation toward fellow golfers; and Refrain from any conduct unbecoming of a WVGA member.

CONDUCT BY A PLAYER THAT VIOLATES THE CODE OF CONDUCT MAY BE CAUSE FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Depending upon the severity of a violation of the Code of Conduct, a player may be assessed any or all of the following types of disciplinary action: By Tournament Committee Member: Verbal warning to the player; or By Tournament Committee: Verbal warning to the player.

Disqualification of player from the competition or match. By West Virginia Golf Association Championship Committee:

Written warning to the player; Forfeiture of eligibility from teams that represent West Virginia or the WVGA; Forfeiture of eligibility from future WVGA tournament(s) for which the player is otherwise eligible; or Suspension or revocation of the player’s membership in the WVGA.

PROCEDURE FOR INVESTIGATION OF PERCEIVED BREACH OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT Any breach of the West Virginia Golf Association Code of Conduct at any WVGA tournament or event observed by a Committee Member or any perceived breach of the Code of Conduct reported to a Committee Member shall be promptly investigated. The player subject to the investigation shall have an opportunity to be heard by the Committee. Based on the outcome of the investigation, the Committee may (1) take no disciplinary action; (2) give the player a verbal warning; or (3) disqualify the player from the competition or match. Depending upon the severity of the breach, the Committee may refer the matter to the Championship Committee for further action. The Committee shall provide the Championship Committee with all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the violation.  If the Championship Committee finds that additional sanctions are warranted, the Chairman of the Championship Committee shall notify the player in writing of the additional disciplinary action(s) taken.   The Championship Committee shall document, record and retain all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the violation(s) and sanction(s). PLAYER’S RIGHT TO APPEAL DISCIPLINARY DECISION Disqualification of a player by the Committee during a competitive round or match may not be appealed. Additional disciplinary action taken by Championship Committee may be appealed to the Discipline Committee. In the event a player wishes to appeal the Championship Committee’s decision, the player shall file a written appeal to the Discipline Committee within 15 days of the date of the decision. Such written appeal shall include a written account as to why the disciplinary action should not be taken. All written appeals shall be forwarded to the Discipline Committee, c/o West Virginia Golf Association, 2115 Charleston Town Center Charleston, WV 25330, or by facsimile transmission to (304) 391-5050. The Discipline Committee shall be composed of two members of the Executive Committee and one player representative designated by the player sanctioned. The player representative must be a member in good standing in the WVGA. In designating the player representative, the player sanctioned must provide a written notification to the Discipline Committee providing the name, address and phone number of the player representative. The player and the player representative will be notified of the date when such appeal will be heard. Failure of either the player or the player’s representative to appear at the hearing shall not preclude a final decision by the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee will review all submitted materials, including a Tournament Committee member’s account of the incident, and will issue a written decision.



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