1920:  Forrest McNeill notched his second Amateur championship with a 12 and 10 victory over Joe Holloway of Wheeling at White Sulphur Springs.  McNeill was eight up after 18 holes. Medalists:  Julius Pollock, 159, and Joseph Wells, 159.

1921:  Julius Pollock took home his fifth Amateur crown with a 4 and 3 final victory over former Yale golf captain, Joseph Wells at The Greenbrier.  Semifinals:  Pollock def. George Hewitt, 2 and 1; Wells def. Forrest McNeill, 3 and 2.  Medalists: Densmore Shute, Huntington, 149, and Pollock, 149.

1922:  The Amateur tournament was played out of state at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA, but it had a familiar champion in Julius Pollock.  The Wheeling golfer retired another trophy and earned his sixth title by defeating Forrest McNeill in the finals, 5 and 4. Semifinals:  Pollock def. Harold Bloch, 5 and 4; McNeill def. W.E. Rownd, 4 and 3.  Medalist:  Pollock, 148.

ShuteDenny21923:  The tournament was back at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs and Densmore Shute, 18, of Huntington was the youthful victor.  Shute bested Vint Rathbone of Parkersburg, 8 and 6, in the finals.  Semifinals:  Shute def. F.M. Hawkins, Huntington, 5 and 3; Rathbone def. W.E. Rownd, 2 and 1.  Medalist:  Shute, 149. LEFT: Shute.

1924:  Claiming his seventh Amateur title, Julius Pollock rallied from three holes down in the morning round to defeat Forrest McNeill in the 36-hole finals, 2 up.  Semifinals:  Pollock def.Densmore Shute, 1 up; McNeill def. J.A. Bloch, Wheeling, 2 and 1.  Medalist:  W.W. Rixey, Bluefield, 75-76—151.Miss Kathleen Gorman won her fifth Women’s Amateur Championship at Fairmont Field Club.

1925:  Densmore Shute rolled to a 10 and 8 victory over George Hewitt in the finals to claim his second Amateur title at age 20.  Shute was nine up after the morning round.  Shute later turned pro and captured the British Open and the PGA.  Semifinals:  Shute def. C.A. Ludey, Parkersburg, 5 and 4; Hewitt def. Forrest McNeill, 2 and 1.  Medalist:  Shute, 72-74—146.

1926:  Veteran lefthander Forrest McNeill captured his third Amateur by beating Bobby Rownd of Wheeling, 6 and 4, in the finals.  Both Bobby and his brother Dan Rownd, were former University of Pennsylvania golf captains.  Semifinals:  McNeill def. W.W. Rixey, Bluefield, 3 and 1; Bobby Rownd def. Harold Bloch, Wheeling, 5 and 4.  Medalist:  Dan Rownd, 71-71—142.

1927:  Dan Rownd of Wheeling defeated Leroy C. Shriver of Morgantown by a 10 and 8 margin in the title match at The Greenbrier.  The straight-driving Rownd took a four-up lead in the morning round and kept up the pressure in the afternoon.  Semifinals:  Dan Rownd def. George Hewitt, 5 and 4; Shriver def. Tom Bloch, Wheeling, 3 and 1.  Medalists:  Bobby Rownd, Wheeling, 74-83—157, and S.L. Watson, Fairmont, 78-79—157.

The Women’s Amateur moved to The Greenbrier Resort, where Miss Fritzi Stifel won her first Championship.

1928:  Julius Pollock sank a seven-foot birdie putt on the 36th green to edge Forrest McNeill, 1 up, in the finals and win his eighth Amateur championship.  It was Pollock’s only birdie of the day.  Pollock shot 72 and 80 rounds in the title match while McNeill had 74 and 78.  Semifinals:  Pollock def. Dan Rownd, 3 and 2; McNeill def. Ned Payne, Jr., Beckley, 5 and 4.  Medalist: McNeill, 76-71—147.

1929:  West Virginia University football and baseball coach Ira Rodgers claimed the Amateur golf title with a 5 and 4 victory over George Hewitt.  Rodgers shot 82 and Hewitt 84 in the morning round.  Rodgers was just two over par for 14 holes in the afternoon while Hewitt was six over. Rodgers began playing golf just three years prior to becoming state champion.  Semifinals: Rodgers def. Tom Bloch, Wheeling 20th hole; Hewitt def. Forrest McNeill, 3 and 2.  Medalist:  McNeill, 75-77—152.